Executive Summary

This assignment aims toward providing an over view of the prospects of restaurant. Here we’ve learnt about restaurant & how to open, maintain a restaurant. Kebab & Music Café unlike a typical restaurant will provide a unique combination of excellent food at value pricing with a fun and entertaining atmosphere. Kebab & Music Café is the answer to an increasing demand. The public wants value for everything that it purchases is not willing to accept anything that does not meet its expectations, and wants entertainment with its dining experience.

Business Concept:

We are going to establish Kebab & Music Café. Here we make different types of Kebab & serve it with different way. It is the place of entertainment.

Kebab & Music Café’s Mission:
Kebab & Music Café is an entertaining place for eating combining with the quite enjoyable atmosphere with music. Here we are focusing on providing our customer not only delicious foods & trying to provide fun atmosphere. In kebab & Music Café, Music will be performed by various music bands. Music show will held every day from 8pm to 10pm.We want fair profit & reward for the staff’s. We want to make our employees happier so they can make happier the customer .We want to make our Kebab & Music Café for all ; families ,couples ,singles ,students ,young & old.

Kebab & Music Café’s Objectives:
Kebab & Music Café’s objectives for the first three year’s .

·         Growing sales unit per year.
·         Reducing second year cost than first year.
·         Profitable in two year’s.
·         Maintaining the cost control by the tight control management.
·         Serve order with five minutes.
·         Maintaining a good relationship with customer.

Pre-Start Up Stage:

 In this stage we are researching our business plan to determine where will we start our venture .We are seeking our opportunities .We are going to establish our venture at Banani beside the Northern University. There are few kebab shop bur more or less all of them are expensive. We will provide food at an affordable price for all. Kebab & Music Café is committed to customer for giving the quality food at an affordable price .Kebab & Music Café focusing on providing highgenic quality & innovative foods in a clean & fun environment. We have to control our all cost at all times in all areas.

Product Market Study:

Before conducting business we’ve made a research on our product. We’ve applied questionnaire method for evaluating our product and we’ve got a good response from customer .We’ve our customer at all age like, young ,old, single, couple, students, executives. Our food’s is realistic & highgenic but we’ll serve it in our traditional way .Here in the market there is lots of competitors, to compete with them we are trying to bring come with new ideas.

Financial Planning:
Cash is the key for our business. We are investing 70% Tk by our own effort ; rest 30% Tk we’ll borrow from our parent’s, friends,& bank .Actually our businesses a partnership business. That’s why we are investing 70%.

We are going to start our sales on April 14th, 2010. On the opening we are going to give 10% discount & gift for the customer.

Management Play Roll:
 Initially we’ve hired two managers for our restaurant.

Fixed & Variable Expense:
 Fixed expense occur at machineries,& variable expense depends on economic polities.

Marketing Fees:
This fund will be used for all the production of various marketing materials.

Pre-Start Up Implementation:
Now we are ready to start our venture. We have all kind of resources like; equipment, machineries, staffs, magician, music band and venue. We have got our trade license.

Start –up stage:
 We have made our business plan that we are going to launch our Kebab & Music Cafe.    
 Now it is the time to get entre the market for competition with our competitor’s .That’s  
 why we are taking lots of initial steps to survive in the market.

   Start up Operating Objective:
   Sales: To increase our monthly sales volume we have to maintain price with the  
   Accordance of customer ability. To achieve target sales by providing extra services or  
    Discount .

   Revenue is the key of business so the main objective will be earning maximum profit by  
   reducing minimum cost. Variable cost should be reduced.
 We have to achieve our incremental growth by our product & service. We should also maintain balance of growth with ability to under write restaurant inventory materials & human resource which is necessary for our business.

To stable our business we should identify market strategy for opportunities in new foods, services or customers during start up, so that we decide to serve our food in our countries traditional way. We will provide discount from the opening day to two weeks. We have to remind our customer that we are in market by various promotional activities.

Product & Service:

Kebab & Music Café will be opened all day at 3pm to 12 pm. We will provide quality food. We have done our product research and we have found that there are few restaurant serve Kebab but we will provide some another types of delicious foods. For this special food we have hired four staff, two of them from Mohammad, Geneva camp they are ex-staff of Mustakim is restaurant & another two staff is trained in India on Kebab. Both of four specialized staffs are researching to find out new food items. Both staffs are experienced, so we can ensure that we will provide quality food. Customer will be attracted by our quality food & price. We are special focusing on a large and growing collection of “time poor” individuals placing increasing value on every spare moment of their day. Customers’ perception of ‘healthier’ is an important value proposition. Kebab & Music Café provides this, with the added bonus of serving the food quickly. Our food menu & price are given:

Food Items                          

Shik Kebab                                                                                AlooParata                                                                      Boti kebab                                                                             Boti Chap                                                                        
Tandori chicken                                                            Khiri Kebab
Shami Kebab                                                                             Mushroom fry                                                 
Tikka                                                                                          Brain Fry                                                                         
Doner Kebab                                                                              Ghilafry                                                                          Kathi Kebab                                                                             Luchi                                                                               Reshmi Kebab                                                                Nan                                                                                   Shik Kebab                                                                           ButterNan                                                                        Garlic Nan                                                                             Salad
Plain parata                                                                                Thai Soups ( Thin/ Clean)                                                
Chicken Soups                                                                 
Coke, Sprit, Fanta , Diet Coke                                                   Lassi                                                                                      

Kebab & Music Café will broad customer appeal due to our casual family atmosphere, wide variety of food offerings & low price points. We will not only compete with the casual segment restaurant but also with the family values Kebab & Music Café.
We will have some advantages:

·              Lower price than others.
·              Music performed, song can be delegate for any kind of occasion
·              We will serve food with in five minutes. If we fail to serve within 1o minutes then                
        We will give 20% off from order.
·              It will be self service.
·              We will provide more entertainment environment than other competitors; our guest   
         Will view our meat cutting color as they can watch our cooks section .
·              Our food will be fresher.
·              There will not be any confusing menu board, our price will be started with everything 
·              We will not need trays for guest’s carrying drinks, plates 7 napkins from the cash
         Counter; everything is conveniently placed beside the food section.
·              We will be able to staff our restaurant with 25%fewer employees than our competition.
         With no need for servers only one cashier operating hours & out front servicing our
         food bars, we can seen easily with reduced.
·              We will decorate our restaurant by the interior designer.
·              On the traditional occasion we will decorate AS LIKE AS THE OCCATIONS VIEW.
·              We will provide special service for any kind a program, ceremony, occasion .


 Kebab & Music Café will invest in a single speed computer to provide a fast & efficient connection to the internet and also be linked to our cash register. We also order online, email, & have a webpage .By this computer we will control our security system. We will provide Direct mail that will explain our concept list price & show inside photograph of our restaurant.

Market Research & analysis:

Here we are seeking for market opportunities that will give extra benefit to our restaurant. We have done our market research .The market research’s result will be shown in four parts, they are given below:
Identifying potential customers:
In looking at our market analysis, we have defined the following groups as our potential customer. We have categorized our potential customer, they   are given below:
Age -- Seniors, Baby-Boomers, young married couples with children, singles, couples and executives.
Gender -- We will equally target both sexes with a slight skew for males due to their heavy consumption of red meat.
Income -- We will appeal to the high side of low income individuals and to all in the middle income bracket.
Occupation -- We will target the university teachers, young professionals with a family, and most of official levels.
Education -- High school graduates or individuals with some college & university students.
We have an excellent feel for the Banani area and it’s a core group of customer area. Here all kind of customers around us so they can express their feelings, demands, wants with us. Here al most everyday held any kind a occasional party so that it’s a potential opportunity for us to gain success.

Evaluates market:
Here we are looking for future markets. Here customers are having money for their needs. We have identified their some needs, they are given below:
·         Seeks strong value.
·         Wants variety and flavor in its food.
·         Looks for speed of service.
·         Wants an entertaining atmosphere.
·         Insists upon a clean, friendly, and attractive environment.
·         People want more leisure time.
The competition is strong, with many restaurants competing for the consumer money. It is almost impossible today to strike off into a new, unique, untried venue. Only the strong will survive and prosper. We think we have achieved and maintained a competitive advantage. We believe that combining the popularity of Kebab with the Music concept is the key to success. No other Kebab restaurant has not this type of concept .
Here the market niche is Kebab –E- Q. But it is so much expensive so that everyone doesn’t afford to eat. There is not any kind of music system.  So we are having competitive advantage.

Analyze competitors:
Every Kebab restaurant that sells prepared food is our competition because we all compete for the same product replacement money. At Banani have two competitors; Kebab –E- Q & Star Kebab. Kebab –E- Q is only for rich consumers , we are entertaining all class of income people, we are focusing more toward students, because here is many universities .Here there are many kind of restaurant but there is a few Kebab restaurant so its big opportunity to bring out new flavor of foods. Kebab –E- Q & Star Kebab is not more focusing on promotional activities, but they have strength that they are in market from many years. However speed of preparation is significantly slower of Kebab –E- Q & Star Kebab, necessitating the addition of standard pre-cooked, oily and somewhat to satisfy the ‘time-poor’ consumers.
We have not found any kind of information about new kind of Kebab restaurant. Here market is big but competitors are fewer.

Describe Assumption:
At the very beginning we are emphasizing on the pricing of our competitors. Kebab –E- Q’s price is so expensive so that we can say its demand for having Kebab is lower . On the other hand Star Kebab’s price is lower than Kebab –E- Q. Here many customers come for having kebab. Both of Kebab –E- Q & Star Kebab don’t give any kind of discount. But Kebab & Music Café will give discount & gift hampers. Kebab & Music Café will serve customer at an affordable price so that everyone can come here.

Kebab & Music Café’s method of making market:
Kebab & Music Café’s will have some of marketing programs as the others. Below are the programs that we will develop to kick open each location.
·         Grand Opening: We want to announce that something new and exciting is coming to the neighborhood. At the grand opening, we will attach various color of light of our building, outdoor sign, to attract attention. All of this is low cost but has proven to be highly successful.
·         Radio: We will create one short, humorous, music-based radio commercial announcement where we can mention something specific about the restaurant.
·         Newspaper: We will create several different size ads.
·         One of the main marketing strategies employed by Kebab & Music Café’s technologist will be web based forums for providing newsletter & promotional activates.
·         Print ads will be placed in parenting reading materials such as magazines or the Parade section of the newspaper.
·         Online advertisements will be placed on web sites.
·         Our initial promotional drive is based on the idea of achieving the appearance of higher market penetration than we have actually attained.  To do this, we plan to offer discounts to students & university program.
·         We will provide leaflet to the schools, Universities, office & house.

Market plan:

Our market plan consists of some factors, they are given below:

Our marketing strategy is a combination of local media and local store marketing programs will be utilized at each location. Local store marketing is most effective, followed by radio, then print. By providing an entertaining environment, with unbeatable quality at an unbelievable price in a clean and friendly place .   

Pricing system:
All menu items are moderately priced. While we are not striving to be the lowest priced restaurant around, we are aiming to be the value leader. we will defined a well organized pricing system. At first we will provide food at a low price with high quality of product .Because low price with high quality foods indicate the target customer. We will fixed our food price by comparing with other restaurant price. Because price is necessary to sales volume and financial performance .

Promotional mix:
For promotional activities we are combining some factors.
This fund will be used to maintain our sales volume at our assumed level. For this we will go for promotion our venture. We will establish 2/3 billboard .Also
Radio: We will create one short, humorous, music-based radio commercial, in both a 30- and a 60-second spot. Both commercials will have a 10-second blank bed where we can mention something specific about the restaurant.
Newspaper: We will create several different size ads, generic in nature, to be used for any store in the chain.

Distribution channels:
 We are new in the market so we’ve no distribution channel expect our restaurant. But we will provide our food to university teacher and students by our waiter.

We will provide excellent service with an entertaining environment to our customer. Here order will be served with in 5-10minutes. We are allocating a waiter for three tables of customers. We are going to set up Wi-Max server in our café so that customer can browse & do their necessary work .We care about customer’s each seconds. We serve our food in a traditional style(kola pata_.

As a food warranties we will give 100% safety food to our customer .And we will also give option to our customer , if the food is damage to their health we will back money to the customer.
Sales Leadership:
 Although it is a partnership business .So all of we involves in this business. We are five members involved here. So from group member we will select one member as a sales leadership. Then we will provide training to him about how to manage customer and how to compete with other restaurant.

Manufacturing and Operations:

 Our main facilities are customer will get food after ordering 5 – 10 minutes. Customer can eat foods with relax mood. . It is formerly a restaurant and needs on minor structural modifications. The licenses and codes' issues are all in order. New equipment and dining room furnishings will be purchased and installed by the general contractor.

 We will select our restaurant area near the university area. Because so that we can easily get customer. Locations are one of the most important factors of a business. Most of the business success and profit depends on location .So choose the best location is one of the marketing strategy.

 We collect our food materials from Banani bazar(we have a contractual supplier).We will buy daily our restaurant food materials.Because we will provide fresh food service to the customer. We do not collect food materials from retailer or wholesaler.

Human Resource:
For making food we need chef so we already collect chef from India. For helping chef we select few people as a waiter who will provide food to the customer after get order. For provide better service we will select individual with special qualifications as a Human Resource. Employees will be trained not only in their specific operational duties but in the philosophy and applications of our concept. They will receive extensive information from the chef and be kept informed of the latest information on healthy eating.

A big emphasis is being placed on extensive research into the quality and integrity of our products. They will constantly be tested for our own high standards of freshness and purity. Food costs and inventory control will be handled by our computer system and checked daily by management. Most food will be prepared on the premises. The kitchen will be designed for high standards of sanitary efficiency and cleaned daily. Food will be made mostly to order and stored in large coolers in the basement.

 We will use here different types of technology like sound system, air conditioner, computer paid system, credit card and debit card etc.

We will also make a contact with Insurance Companies for business safety .Because Insurance Companies give security if the business damage by earthquake, fire or natural disaster.

Entrepreneurial Team:

All of our group members invested money for making a business. We also collect money from bank by taking loan for starting a new restaurant business. We choose this restaurant by making group decision .All of members play different roles in this business .So that individual members can identify individual problems about restaurant .For making entrepreneurial team we can takes decision easily. Our philosophy is simple: It's Your Business. Every member of our team is referred to as a "Business Partner”. We believe that we all share a vested interest in the success of kebab & music café; therefore, we don't call an "employee," we call our Business Partner.

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