Admire your special one

A human cannot live without any relation. To have a good life we need to have a relation with others it could be with your parents, siblings, friends, girl/boyfriend and husband/wife etc. All of us want to keep a healthy, peaceful relationship. From my observation I have found out 5 vital key points to have a good relationship. Though I am a guy so my article will favor mostly boys. The key points are stated below:

Respect: Respect is the most vital elements of the relationship. Because if there is no respect for each other than the relationship goes down. Lack of respect seen when the couple is in the same age, sometimes they don’t give the proper respect to their partners, It occurs from the sense of superiority

Trust: If there is no trust there cannot exist a relationship. If trust is broken for someone, then it hardly possible to rebuild it. From my side if my trust broken for someone it is not possible to place one on that place in my life. In a relationship there should not be any room for distrust. Whenever any sort of doubt arises just have a talk neither it will create a massive problem.

Understanding: A relationship would be peaceful, healthy when there will be the presence of understanding. But this is really tough, to be understandable you have to give enough time to the relation so that each other can know properly.

Be yourself: When we are totally new to any one, maximum people try to pretend. Whenever we are in a relationship we always want to show our best qualities so that both see the good side but the other side is in the dark. When the dark side reveals then actual problem occurs, people cannot match this side of human and it takes time to adjust to it because they are habituated to see the good habits. So we have to be honest, what we are letting the other know so that before going to the deep they can justify it whether it will be worked out or not.

Treat like princes/prince: Treat your girl/boyfriend as princes/prince. Try to give the proper value and listen properly what he or she says. Be there and always stands for him or her. Know what your partner like most and what does not. It is not mandatory give bigger gift, give a small gift that he/she like most it will bring happiness. Praise him/her on the small thing like how looks, haircut, dress up etc.
 I hope this key point might improve your relationship. Throughout my experience, observation I have found this, if this could be followed, then it will help to maintain a good relationship. It is just from my viewpoint so if anybody wants to add some I will appreciate.

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