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Lots of whisper is saying to me that guest blogging is spamming. I am just tired of this listening so that I have decided to write about blog spamming.

Before I start, I would like to give brief knowledge about blogging? A blog is a platform where people share their views on a different topics, your topic could be specific or general .When a blogger writes an article to another person’s blog ,then it is termed as guest blogging.
Here I am going to describe every aspect of guest blogging. It is important for the bloggers to expose themselves and it also helps to create a brand image, to build a blogging community and to create audience. 
Hold on guys you think I am going far ,nope I am not going disappoint you. Let’s talk about spamming after that I will talk all the aspects of blogging.
Why people are so concern about spamming? The Answer is Matt Cutts. What he had done to us? Let’s know about it. In the month of December, 2013 Matt Cutts post a video about blog spamming. He said those who are abusing and spamming through blogging just stay out of blogging. Matt Cutts is not as bad as people think about him. He gave some advice to the blogger that should not be done when blogging. The points are given below:
·         You cannot use guest blogging as your link building strategy.
·         Don’t send thousands of mass email for guest blogging to random sites.
·         You should not post the same article on different sites.
·         Don’t write one article just spin it.
Matts suggests you should not write low quality content, automated, stop abusing.
After reading this, can you say that Matts says to stop blogging? He said if you write for the purpose of link building,then you should stop, but why? Over the time it will be spammy practice as a result your page will go down. , he wants to say stop abusing. If you want to stay out of spamming, you should write genuine content, content should be high quality, do not pass the link to the irrelevant article, do not pushing same link.
From the viewpoint of SEO , spam guest posting  is bad . My mentor Alamin Chowdhury had given some suggestions for the site owner and guest poster, they are summarized below:
Site owners:
·         Site owners should give No follow links so that your page’s link juice will be decreased. High quality post will increase the traffic.
·         Allow the post if you  know him or her, if unknown then you can do research about his or her .
·         If the ghost post is really good ,then level it.
·         The only relevant article should be posted.  

Guest posters:
  •   Do not write in low page ranking site.
  • Try to post on high quality blogs.
  •   You should not give always do follow links .
  • You should try to build a relationship with the site owner for the long term benefit.
  • Write article what viewers love to read.
  • Never try to bribe the site owner . 
    Spammers are like virus

     It is not over yet, here I am going to describe how to generate money, traffic without spamming. 
From the perspective of guest blogger, they love to do guest posting because it builds brand image and some time it gives money. It is a one kind of job you can say, people are paying for guest posting, this job is only for those who are good at producing high quality writing. There are some guest posters who abuse by posting the same article then it becomes spam guest blogging which is not a good practice.  Remember one thing if you want to create a really good image, then  be patient , because by taking a long time if it produces a high quality writing then it is better . Blogging is a matter of time, so take your time, before writing do your homework on the particular topic so that it will be fruitful and viewers will definitely like it.
I hope now you have a clear idea about guest blogging, hopefully it will help you.   
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