A house is a dream of every human being, when people think they can live moon they become excited  .I am going to create a house in Moon. There are some similarities between Moon and Earth such as temperature, water, carbon di oxide, rocky field. That’s why I have chosen Moon. The houses will be surrounded by the glasses so it will help to
maintain a stable temperature, there will be system of maintaining gravity so that people can move around. There will be underground tunnel that collect the carbon di oxide from the moon and it will convert it to Oxygen so that visitors do not need to have oxygen chamber in the house. For communication there will be satellites so that visitor can communicate to Earth, among themselves. Food and water will be taken from Earth and storage it for the vacation period. Some of vegetables, crops will take from moon which is harvested here. House will be made of wood because it will be easier to build it. This house will have the same quality, facility to the Earth’s but in a different atmosphere. By the spaceship visitor will go to the moon and there is a space air bus for moving around. This house is going to add a new era of spending vacation.

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