Bangladesh has many beautiful placesKhagrachari is one of them. Every year, many people go to svisitthe natural beauties of khagrachari, it becomes one of the popular tourist spots in Bangladesh. khagrachari is situated in hilly tracts. The local name of it is chengmy (চেংমী) it has many beautiful places where you can visit like Alu Tila Hill, Debotar pokur (দেবতার পুকুর), waterfalls and New Zealand para.
The distance of khagrachari from Dhaka 266 km. You can go there by bus.
I had visited the place two times,the place give me more peace.

Alu Tila hill: I think it will be better if you depart from the bus before going to khagrachari. Alu tila is 8 km away from the center of Kagrachari.  After visiting the hill you can go for booking the hotel and to see other places.
by this gate you have to entre 
Alu tila is the mysterious cave. To enter the cave you have to go by 266 stairs. It is better to take a touch light with you because the cave is full of darkness and there is also the flow of water comes from the waterfalls. If you forget to take light, you can buy a fire torch from the locality. Whenever you're visiting is over you can go to the Buddha Bihar just beside the gate of Alu Tila.

New Zealand para: I heard a story that a guy from New Zealand came here to his office job, after visiting the area, he said the place is just like New Zealand so the area’s name become a New Zealand para. The area is surrounded by river, hills.
site seeing of New Zealand para

The duration of the tour could be one or two days, It will take two days for visiting alu tila,new zealand para,Debotar pokur. Here food,transportaion and hotel rent are also reasonalbe, it is the on of the best place to spend our holydays. Some pictures are given below:

Author at the exit point

entering point of cave

exit-side-of alu-tila
dancing of lights

When I visited first time

exit-side-of alu-tila
lets go for another place

Buddha Bihar

you can recognize the place by sign board

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