Today we have a class on keyword research. Today I have learnt some new topics they are given below:

·         Keyword is a bunch of word. To make your SEO fruitful you have to research with keywords. Search engine is nothing without the keyword. So I can say keyword is the mother of SEO. We research our keyword for the organic or paid search. Whenever you are researching keyword you have to search for key word from the perspective of visitors.

·         Choosing keyword with two word will increase the traffic but those traffic will not buy your services as their numbers,it will help your site for adcents .Choosing keyword with three word might not increase your traffic but its traffics are real potential buyer, it will help to expand your business.

·         There are different tools of keyword research like Google keyword planner, market samurai, long tail pro and word tracker. But we will use Google keyword planner because other tools collect the search result from the Google and they add something with results. But whenever you will be expertise as keyword researcher then you will use these tools paid version.

·         While you are calculating your competitors at that time you should calculate those who are on the 1st page of Google search, if you thing why I shouldn’t go for the next pages, you might go but if you calculate those competitors it will give you larger number and it will also give you more pressure and stress.

·         While counting your competitors you should not count authority pages like Wikipedia, YouTube, website with .edu and .org and branded website because this websites result will come on the first page because of their authority power.

·         While searching through the keyword and you found there is results already exists on the first page and also you see there is no YouTube video regarding that keyword at that time you can make a video along the that keyword and upload it then your video will come on the first page this is how you can easily do your SEO.

·         American, Canadian, British are the high quality trafficker because they spend quality time in your website and if they like your product and services they will buy. 

For more information about SEO and online marketing please stay tune. 
Here not only you learing abou SEO,you can also learn about how to be a Restaurant entrepreneur .

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