Abu Zafar Md. Shaleh is a trainee of Fast Track Future Leader (FTFL). He is learning Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and internet marketing. Abu Zafar Md. Shaleh wanted to become a SEO expert and affiliated marketer. After the completion of the training his dreams will come true.
Abu Zafar Md. Shaleh got one month residential training on Soft skill at Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development (BARD) which is arranged by the FTFL. In the soft skill he learnt how to do effective communication, how to increase emotional intelligence , positive attitude and resilience, how to be groomed perfectly and to maintain proper etiquette, about leadership and how to do teamwork effectively, when problem arise how to solve it and to make right decision, how to negotiate effectively, the process of creativity and innovation, what are the business ethics and corporate social responsibility and finally how to manage time , how to deal with the stress. On the Soft skill session also learn how to make our body well by doing physical exercise. That one month residential training changed Abu Zafar Md. Shaleh, at that period he got the time to think about himself, help to find out his passion, capability which will help him to earn money.


In the childhood Abu Zafar Md. Shaleh read in different schools because of his mother’s posting in different places, she was former branch manager in Polli Daridro Bimochon Foundation. Abu Zafar Md. Shaleh’s First school was Ishwarganj Primary School which is situated at ishwarganj, Mymensing.He was the student of class one in this school. On the month of July his mother got posting in Muktagacha so that in that year he could not complete his study. After moving to Muktagacha Abu Zafar Md. Shaleh got admitted into Mukul Niketan High School in class 1. He studied in this school Class 1 to Class 4. Then his mother got posting again in Iswargang, then he got admitted himself in Ishwarganj Primary School,from this school he completed his primary schooling. After that he got chance in Sher-e-Bangla Nagar Govt. Boys’ High School in class 6.He passed his SSC from Sher-e-Bangla Nagar Govt. Boys’ High School in the year of 2004. Then he got admitted himself in B.A.F. Shaheen College, kurmitola and passed HSC in 2006. For the graduation he admitted in Southeast University in the Bachelor in Business Administration, completed Graduation with major subject in Finance in the year of 2011. For the graduation he worked as an Intern in Agrani Bank Ltd. Green Road Branch. During the graduation period he got waiver on the tuition fee for the semester result. 


Abu Zafar Md. Shaleh is a family guy, he is the elder son. His father is an Assistant Attorney General .His mother is former Branch manager of Palli Daridro Bimochon Foundation .He has a younger sister, she reads in the University of Dhaka. Abu Zafar Md. Shaleh lives in Mirpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh. His native village is Netrokona. He is born in a Muslim Family. His birth is special because he was premature baby (7 month) at that time it was rare case in Bangladesh. He raised by his paternal and maternal grandmother because of his mother job.


Abu Zafar Md. Shaleh is a cricketer (all-rounder), he loves to play cricket. During the school he got medal in the cricket tournament where his team was runners up .He is not only a cricketer but also played football, his position was center back. He is also a swimmer, whenever he got the opportunity to swim he just jump on the water. He loves to play games on PC, he played many games but among those he enjoyed most Assassins Creed, GTA V, Call of Juarez, Max payne 3, Need for speed Run. For time passing he plays game on cell phone like Asphalt 8, Temple run 2, Real Boxing, Contract killer, real steel etc.
Abu Zafar Md. Shaleh is a fan of Himu character which is created by Humayun Ahmed. In childhood read comics book for example Tintin,Chacha Chouwdhury,Romon,He-man,Batman,Superman,Spiderman,Billu,Pinky etc.
 Abu Zafar Md. Shaleh has a hobby of collecting stamps. He has more than 300 stamps of different countries most of the countries of Europe.
Abu Zafar Md. Shaleh is a traveler also, has traveled many places in Bangladesh. He has traveled Chittagong, Kagrachori , Rangamati, Bandarban, Cox’z Bazaar, St. martin, Potuakhali, Kuakata, Jamalpur, Mymensing, Birishiri,Faridpur, Natore, kuatia,Munshigang, Comilla, Habigang, Srimangal etc. In all of these places Abu Zafar Md. Shaleh would love to visit again and again Hill tracks area. He has visited several times Kagrachori , Rangamati, Bandarban, because he loves Mountains . He also loves to track the mountains. He has also dream to visit Darjeeling, Kashmir, Nepal, EGYPT, South Africa, New Zealand,UAE, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
When Abu Zafar Md. Shaleh gets free time he enjoys to watch movies, he has watched many movies of different countries. Among those movies some are exceptional those motivates him like “Life is Beautiful” .It is an Italian movie. This movie gives him positive learning, during the war Father always said to his son Life is Beautiful in the bad time, no matter what is coming you have to face is positively and welcome it with a smile. Another movie is “3 idiots”, this is a Hindi movie. From this movie he has learnt many things that do what you like to do, learn for acquiring knowledge not for getting marks.

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